You are meant to find great love

Do you think some people are just lucky and have great relationships while others have to suffer and struggle to find their match? Have you wondered if you were cursed or that your karma is to spend your life alone? Or, maybe you just think that you are just not the type of person people are attracted to or commit to? I used to think all of these things when I was single and they are all lies.

Each of us is born with a divine desire for true love. Woman are equipped with what Jung called, the Animus (Inner Adam) and men have the Amina (Inner Eve). We are wired from birth for finding a mate to grow spiritually in life. If you are a woman, your Inner Adam is seeking its match, the Inner Eve of your divine partner.

The reason why love is hard to find is that the ego has made a search for a partner something you have to earn. The dating gurus will tell you that you have to change who you are, be confident, write specific things in your profile, act and communicate according to the secret dating code in order to get someone to date or marry you.

The idea of having to perform in order to win someone over seems a little ridiculous when you think of it. You become someone fake so someone likes your fake self, and then what happens? You have to keep your act up and it is exhausting. The kicker is that you ultimately discover that they were being a faker too and the whole thing falls apart.

Relationships are hard because no one knows how to be their true self. The ego is afraid of letting down the mask, so it creates stories around finding love that just don’t belong. It ties your single status to your self-worth and appraises your value on whether someone calls you back or not after a date. This inner-narrator builds more masks and more fear and you never feel safe to connect and open your heart to others.

There are many steps to discovering your true self, but here’s something that can help you get started. Get in touch with that feeling desire for love and see if you can sit with the craving and transform it from fear into divine love.

Imagine that your higher, true self wants this for you even more than you want it. Feel a spiritual connection to something bigger than your ego, a part of you that is on your side and dedicated to help you find this great love.

As you start to transform the energy from fear to love, you will notice how much lighter you feel. Practice this anytime you feel that pang of fear and you will start to know how it feels to be connected to your true nature. Feel this invisible force rooting for you and helping you.

Believe that this love is seeking you and it is already inside waiting for you to discover it so you can find your perfect match to allow the love to be fully expressed through you.