[VIDEO] Why do I keep attracting emotionally-unavailable men?

Do  you always seem to attract emotionally-unavailable men even though you feel ready for love?

Why is this happening when you feel SO OPEN and READY for LOVE?

Why are you constantly attracting commitment-phobes?

Find out in this video question and answer session with Debi and Dr. Rob. Learn about your Inner Adam (animus) and the influence this part of your psyche has on your dating and relationship life based on Jungian psychology. For singles and married people, this advice will help you understand the dynamic that is happening in your love life.

Dr Rob will share the Jungian model of the Animus (or as we call, The Inner Adam®) and how this aspect of your psyche influences your choices in men and relationships. If the men you attract are not emotionally-available, then that is saying something about you.

Don’t beat yourself up or blame yourself, but use this information to empower to you make the change inside. Instead of trying to find next best place to meet someone or a better dating site, follow these tools to look inward and transform your Inner Adam to attract the love of your life who is ready to commit.

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