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Consciously create your life with Creative Mind Soul Sessions. Made for smart, dynamic, and spiritually-ambitious women, Soul Sessions are a guide to uncover the authentic Self and live in true purpose, success, and fulfillment.
Join Life Coaching Experts and Founders of Creative Mind, Debra Berndt Maldonado and Robert Maldonado, Ph.D., as they explore personal growth through Jungian philosophy, Eastern spirituality and social neuroscience in a deep, but practical way.

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Collective Unconscious in Life Coaching

What is the Collective Unconscious?

In this episode we will discuss one of Jung’s biggest contributions to psychology, The Collective Unconscious. We will cover:
  •  What is the Collective Unconscious?
  •  How do the Archetypes in the Collective Unconscious live through us?
  •  How do you connect with the Collective Unconscious and your deeper self?
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understanding dreams in life coaching

Podcast: Why We Dream

In this episode we will have a discussion on the purpose of dreams. We will cover:
  • What is the dream state?
  • What can the dream state teach us about reality?
  • How can dreams help us connect to our soul?
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reconciling science and spirituality in life coaching

Podcast: Science v. Spirituality

In this episode we discuss the decline of spirituality in the age of science. We will cover:
  • How science is making people lose faith in their spiritual practices.
  • Why science cannot answer the deeper questions about life.
  • How science and spirituality can co-exist in the world today.
Life Coach ...
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how the mind creates reality in life coach training

Podcast: How Your Mind Creates Reality

In this episode we explore what the mind is actually doing to create the reality we experience in everyday life. We answer these questions:
  • What is the mind?
  • What is the true reality?
  • What does meditation teach us about the mind, perception, and reality?
  • How do you create something ...
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How to Create Your Career in Life Coaching

Podcast: Consciously Creating Your Career Path

Current events have left many people wondering what is next? For most people, they look for signs and opportunities to guide them to next steps, but they end up procrastinating and feeling frustrated that nothing is changing.

In this episode we will talk about how to consciously create your career ...
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Spirituality for Life Coaches

Podcast: Spiritual Psychology for Coaches

Listen as we discuss the Creative Mind spiritual philosophy. We talk about manifestation and what that really means, how it really works from a psychological and spiritual perspective, and how you can become a more spiritual person and live a more spiritual life.
stress and mindbody in Life Coaching

Podcast: Stress and the MindBody Solution

Wondering how to deal with stress in a healthy way? Listen to this talk on the MindBody, the neuroscience and biology of stress and how the five sheaths taught in Yoga traditions can give you an easy way to feel more in control over your life. Listen to the 5 ...
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How to embrace conflict Life Coaching

Podcast: The Power of Conflict

Most people are averse to conflict and difficult situations. The ego is happiest when everything is calm and unchallenged. When we experience conflict within ourselves or with others, it provides an opportunity and a calling to grow. In this episode, we talk about the true reason conflict arises how to ...
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a Jungian perspective on Hamilton the musical

Hamilton – The Musical – A Jungian Perspective and Hero’s Journey

In this episode, we explore how the Hero's Journey Myth plays out in the story of Hamilton and other archetypal influences that occur in the play. If you are a Hamilton fan, you will enjoy this talk. 
How to make life changes in Life Coaching

Podcast: 3 Stages of Change

Do you feel like your life is constantly repeating itself and you are not sure how to change your results? This episode explores the stages of life that lead you to your true self. We found that people who are having conflicts in life are stuck in a certain stage, ...
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Becoming an adult in Life Coaching

Becoming an Adult

This episode is about growing up and individuation. Join Robert and Debra for an interesting discussion on the concept of the Puella aeterna (Little Lost Girl) and how to recognize her in your life and the journey to transcending to adulthood. We explore how society is caught up in idolizing ...
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Finding a woman's power in Life Coaching

Podcast: A Woman’s Power – The Anima

In this session, we discuss a woman's journey to her own power.
  • How to own your power and stop projecting it on to others and outer circumstances.
  • Why you cannot access your power without doing your shadow work.
  • How a woman's power is different than men's.
  • How to experience the world as you ...
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