[VIDEO] You are not broken. There is nothing to heal.

Have you been trying hard to fix yourself by healing wounds from the past and still feel powerless to change your life? You are not alone. The personal development industry has been flooded with the false idea that something is wrong with you. Watch this video to learn the truth, “You are NOT broken” and follow this exercise to help you see your unlimited potential and start creating from your true self.


Deb: Hi, this is Debi and Dr. Rob! We’re transformational leaders in Jungian Spiritual Psychology, helping you have more love and more success and creativity in your life.

One of the most powerful concepts that we teach our clients is this idea of you are not broken.

Rob: Yeah. A lot of the self-help industry has been based on this idea that there’s something wrong with you. I think it comes from the therapy model where the self-help model borrowed a lot of the concepts from therapy and it was all about fixing…

Deb: Healing.

Rob: … healing wounds, those kind of things.

Deb: And we’re like a coaching model, teaching from a coaching model.

Rob: Yeah. That’s right. Even though both of us come from therapeutic backgrounds, we decided to really give people a chance to transform their lives on a coaching basis, i.e. we start off from a point that you’re not broken, there’s nothing wrong. We’re not trying to bring you up to a normal state. We’re taking you from normality to a very high functioning level.

Deb: This is a really powerful concept because when I was doing my personal development work early in my 20s and 30s, I kept feeling something was wrong with me. The more I worked on myself and the more childhoods wounds I retrieved from my memories, I just felt like it was a never-ending cycle of fixing and trying to heal things and trying to forgive people.

And all those things really led me to feel worse about myself than actually helping me reach my full potential. It was like I was treading water and trying to fix something that really is an illusion because the truth about is that we’re not broken, that we’re whole, complete, powerful beings. And what we want to do is bring that to consciousness. We want to understand who we are. And if we can start off with seeing our full potential, we’re going to get the things that we want so much faster than looking backwards in a rearview mirror trying to figure out what we did in the past to screw up our life or why our life is so bad and really come from a more powerful and empowering place.

Rob: Yes. Like we’ve been saying, the personal is not really who we are, although most of us identify with it. This unconscious mind that we have is a creative dynamic aspect of our mind that is ready to help us transform our lives. Then as we do this work, as we get in touch with that deeper part of our psyche, the power comes through. That’s what Jung called the higher self.

Deb: Jung also said that you are not what happened to you, you are free to create your life.

Here’s an exercise for you today to really get in touch with your full potential. Imagine that you go to sleep tonight and you wake up tomorrow morning and you have complete amnesia. There’s no past, you have no identity, you don’t know your name, you don’t know anything about what happened to you in the past. And someone was standing there as you woke up and that person said, ‘You can be whoever you want to be, you can create whatever you want to create, you have no limitation. How do you think you would live your life.’ And that’s what we really invite you to think about and to become is that what if you just started today with a fresh idea of your full potential?

Rob: Yes. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with you, you’re not broken. You’re free to create the life that you want.

Deb: So remember who you really are. This is Debi and Dr. Rob. Signing out.