[VIDEO] A woman’s journey to success in love and life

As a fan of Carl Jung, have you heard of Joseph Campbell and the Hero’s Journey? This is Debi and I struggled with aligning myself with the Hero’s Journey process for a long time because it felt so masculine with the concepts of slaying dragons to save the princess.

As I studied Jungian Psychology over the years, I realized that there is a difference for women on the journey of transformation. Women have stepped into the business world and have outgrown the old romantic notion of being a helpless princess waiting to be rescued. Just like I realized in my own life, I had to stop waiting for someone to save me and I had to find the power within myself first to have the love and success I desired.

Check out our Facebook LIVE video describing the Hero’s Journey for Women and why her journey is different.

If you look most dating advice and success tips, they are highly masculine and not very empowering to women. You are told as a woman that you need to follow rules, write the perfect profile and behave appropriately to get a man to call you. Even worse, you have been told that you have to heal yourself because some part of you is broken and that’s why you are single. Women are the ones who primarily do personal development and we always get asked at our events, “Where are all the men?” As if the men are perfect and women are flawed.

It is time to stop all the healing and become the potential that resides within us.

In the personal development industry, there are many coaches who teach “high-performance.” They make you walk on hot coals, break boards, push through the fear by suppressing it, and take a lot action to reach goals that aren’t aligned with your heart or soul. This never was appealing to me and I have heard from my colleagues that these tactics don’t relate to most women either. The high-power, go-for-it mentality leads to many women exhausting themselves to keep up with the pressure to perform and reach monetary goals.

Women are rising and we need a better way to grow and transform ourselves outside of those out-dated models. We need a smart, sophisticated process that ignites our creativity and intuition to help us build a dream life with less effort and less time. The world needs us to bring back the balance of feminine/masculine power.