[VIDEO] How do I find my own power?

Debi and Dr. Rob answer your questions by the fire. Watch this video where we answer the question: “How Do I Find My Own Power?”

The key to discovering your own power is to look within. So many people give their power away to money, relationships and needing approval and their sense of security is externalized.

By becoming aware of the truth of who you are – divine intelligence – you can start to see the creative power within and make powerful changes in your life.


Message: You can create the life that you love. Carl Jung says that until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will think of it as fate. Take a journey to know your true self and expand your life into unlimited possibilities.

Dr. Rob: Hello, everyone, welcome to Debi and Dr. Rob. We’re here sitting by the fire answering questions and this is a question from L in New York. She says, “How do you find your own power?”

Debi: That’s a really good question and actually the answer is much simpler than you would think. Really just think about this. To find your own power, you have to look within, and people that do not feel like they’re in their power, are constantly looking outward in the world to find peace, to find a sense of self love, sense of belonging, all those reinforcements of their ego outside and externally. So when we give power to other people, to money, to the things that happen, the experiences that happen to us that make us shrink and make us pull away, that limit our happiness.

We are actually giving power to the external world, but the truth is we are a divine intelligence. We are that power already, it’s just that what I call we have spiritual amnesia. We forget who we are. We think that we’re this little ego, and the ego tends to look outward and look for things to make it happy and survive out there. Quite simply, to find your own power you start looking within, and then one of the first steps that you can do is look at your current situation, your current life experiences, your relationships, your money, and say to yourself, “I created this in some way, whether I was conscious of it or not, I take responsibility.”

Now this isn’t to blame yourself, but as you take responsibility you’re reclaiming your power. You’re saying, if I created this, I can create something else, and that is the fastest easiest way to regain your power. Now I do want to say though, a lot of people when we say this, they turn to blame themselves, instead of blaming the world then they start blaming themselves. This is not the right approach. What we want to do is we want to acknowledge that there is a powerful force within us to create and that we’re not conscious of it all. Our job is not to hurt ourselves or beat ourselves up, but our job is to become more conscious of these parts of ourselves that we’re not conscious of, so that we can consciously create what we want in our life.

What we use as the individuation process based on Jungian psychology, where you actually move beyond the ego and you see your true self through the work that we do. We invite you to check out our work a little more, and discover your power and change your life.

Dr. Rob: Great question. Thanks for sending that in and we’ll see you next time.

Debi: Thank you.