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[VIDEO] Biggest Mindset Mistake in Trying to Attract True Love

Hi. This is Debbie of Creative Love and welcome to this video. I have a great topic for you today and it is the number one mistake people make when they’re trying to use their mindset and change their mindset to find true love. Before I tell you what that mistake is, I want you to stay to the end of the video because I do have a special free gift for you.

We all know that our thoughts create our life. I assume you know that. You probably have been doing visualizations, maybe imagining your ideal partner, maybe imagine yourself on dates, working on your confidence and your self-talk, maybe being more positive and then you’re going out and dating and you’re setting intentions, you’re writing your lists of what you want in a partner, and then you go out and you’re still getting that same result. You’re wondering what you’re doing wrong.

Well, it’s not that you’re doing anything wrong but how you’re approaching the mindset work is a little off. I can’t blame you because I didn’t know this for the longest time. What we really want to do is we want to look not at what we’re doing to create which is what a lot of people put all their energy on. They set the intention, visualization, taking action, working with emotions, all those things, and then when they get the result they don’t want, they feel like they need to go back to the drawing board.

“Maybe I’ll visualize differently. Maybe I’ll change my emotions a little more. Maybe I’ll change my action a little more,” but ignore the results you’re getting. You’re just letting it go. You’re saying, “That’s not what I want. Let’s move on. Let’s reset. Let’s do something else.” This is the big mistake. What you can do is you want to look at the results and say, “Okay, the result is reflecting my mind.”

There’s so much gold in it that if you would just stop and look at that results and look at your response to the results, you’re going to have access to emotions that you didn’t know were there as you were creating. Let’s say you go on a date with someone and you have a great time and they don’t call. It’s happened too many, many times and then you have that feeling of fear come up that never going to meet anyone.

That fear is actually what you’re putting into the visualizations, it’s what you’re putting on when you’re going online dating or going out socially, but you weren’t aware of it because you were thinking all the positive things, all the positive aspirations you have for your dream. Your results will really show you the truth of where your mind is and so many people miss that. When you see the results, here’s a really quick couple questions you can ask yourself, first of all, what is the result? What’s the quality of it?

Is this a pattern of similar results I keep getting? Is it like no one ever calls or no one ever asked me how or I go on two dates and then I don’t respond? Identify the pattern and then also, identify the emotional response to that pattern. Is it fear? Is it disgust? Is it anger? Is it frustration? Whatever it is, that feeling is really the underlying energy that you’re putting into finding love.

You’re just getting it back, and then the last part is the story, the story that you are hearing when you get that person telling you, “I’m not interested,” or disappearing or not responding at all. Maybe someone you really like just dropped off the face of the earth. We all have had that happen, and then the story about, “I’m never going to meet anyone. All men are the same way. Why doesn’t anyone like me? Dating is so hard.” All those narratives that are running in your mind are still there.

They’re really showing you what you really believe about your prospects. Here’s another example to make it clear: if you didn’t have all that stuff in the way, this is how the experience would be when you’re really clear, you would visualize your ideal partner, you would have this great energy, you would go out and be open-hearted, you’d meet someone and then if the person didn’t respond to you the way you expected them to, you wouldn’t be triggered and you would say, “I believe in love and I believe that love is coming so this person isn’t consequential.”

That’s when you really know that you’ve made progress. That’s when you really know that you’re not bringing all that fear into dating. Now, of course, this process is a little more complicated than what I just said in this few minute video. If you are interested in learning more, I invite you to join me for a free video course on how to live you’re fuller potential and it includes a visualization on physical attraction that you do not want to miss. I just want you to know that believe in love.

Even if you get the same result over and over again and you’re frustrated, it doesn’t mean that it’s a permanent experience for you, that you are destined to be alone. I want you to believe that love is possible for you and that you can truly find love if you just shift your mind just a little bit. Big changes can happen. Join me for this free video series. All you need to do is go to attractgreatlove.com and sign up today. Hopefully, I will see you soon.

Also, if you haven’t, please join us on our Creative Love community. It’s a Facebook group for people like you that are looking for love and wanting a higher mindset work based on Jungian psychology and Eastern philosophy, a real deep profound work on how to really get the love you want and deserve in a faster way. This is Debbie Maldonado signing out. Thank you for joining me. Bye.


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