How to Stop Repeating the Past and Create a New Life

Remember Bill Murray saying, “I feel like I am living the same day over and over and nothing is changing,” in the movie, Groundhog Day? Do you feel that same way in some areas of your life? You are not alone.

The Comfort Bubble

Most people live in a bubble of their past conditioning, only seeing a limited perception of what their life could be. They make small changes but never really feel like they are breaking free. Only a small percentage of people break out of their security bubble and experience a dramatic change in their life.

Here is a simple thing you can start doing today to begin the process of stepping out of the familiar pattern and create something new. When we make choices in life they are done on autopilot. Our mind is conditioned to propel us into action toward what we unconsciously view as attractive or appealing and move away from or avoid things that are repulsive or a threat to our psychological system. I call it the A/B sides.

Even before we consciously make the decision, the mind has determined the A/B and pushes us to act toward the “A” side. This snap judgment isn’t based on the present situation but the past similar experience. This is why we feel as though the past keeps repeating itself, because we bring it with us in every choice we make in life.

To become free of this you can look at a situation with pause before you respond, especially when you are particularly feeling stuck. Reflect on the A/B sides that are presented to you and then see if you can use your creative mind to come up with a “C” option.

How to Break Free of Past to Your Dream Career

Here is an example. You want to start your own business. The “A” side is keeping you in your corporate job because the “B” side leaves you fearing about money and how you will support yourself or maintain your current lifestyle. Your mind will go on autopilot and keep procrastinating leaving by making up stories to support the “A” side.

You remain in that job for years and years hoping some miracle would occur to make you change, but your conditioned mind is creating a veil of illusion to stop you from seeing other opportunities than the “A” side. Opportunities can be right in front of you, but the bubble is filtering them out so you cannot see them to keep you safe on the “A” side.

How to Break Free of Past in Love and Life

Try this out for yourself in an area of your life that you feel isn’t changing. First, you become aware of the “A” side and examine the fear of what is on the “B” side if you make a change. Then, come up with a “C” scenario that lies outside of the “A” and the “B”. You can do this by closing your eyes and visualizing, completely open to your creative imagination to show you some ideas. You can also ask your dreams to show you some symbolic images to guide you to “C”.

The last step is to take action as if “C” was the goal. The fear will arise and that is perfectly normal, you must push through it. Once you have an experience of something other than A/B, you start to pierce the illusion of the bubble and can begin to create your life consciously.

The Power of “C” Side

Imagine living every day with fresh experiences, challenges and adventures. Think about what your life would be like one year from now if you completely stepped out of the bubble of the past? Hold the vision in your mind and your inner wisdom will guide you out to freedom.