Resistance? If it doesn’t come easy, there must be something wrong

After years of personal development, I fell into the trap of searching for the path of least resistance. Whenever things got hard for me, I would beat myself up and think that something was wrong or, worse, that I was wrong.  On the outside, it seems as though everyone else had some sort of magical manifestation powers and I was somehow flawed and damaged. What I didn’t realize is that my resistance was actually a gift in a clever disguise.


I was told that I needed to raise my vibration, remove my subconscious blocks, heal my childhood wounds and shift my energy to attract a better life. The reason I didn’t have what I wanted was because I was told I had too much negative energy and that is why I had resistance. I tried to clear it, heal it, bypass it, overpower it with positive thinking and nothing seemed to work.


One day a wise person told me that the resistance is good, it is a part of the journey and that completely changed my approach to creating my life. We are conditioned to stay in our comfort zone so when we try to change our life we hit resistance naturally. Resistance is a sign that we are GROWING and moving outside of our old patterns, not a symptom of negative energy.


The more resistance to change you experience is reflecting that there is a lot of creative energy behind it. For years I was pushing it aside and actually suppressing it in my unconscious. The battle to make changes in your life is not external, but an internal battle of your ego fighting to keep you the same and the True Self wanting to grow. The more energy there is, the more your true self is pressing for more creativity and growth.


Give Up or Grow Up

For most people, resistance is when people give up. They perceive the world as separate from them, a greater force that influences their capacity for love, wealth and happiness. They feel small and powerless and the ego has effectively done its job to keep you in your comfort bubble.


A few people see the truth, that the world is just a reflection of their mind. The mind is the cause and the world is the effect. They know the conflict out there is just mirroring their conflict inside. The resistance is just the ego’s desire to be safe and familiar while the divine desire to grow is starting to propel them forward.


A few wise people use resistance as ac way to grow up. They face old childish fears head-on and draw up inside the courage they already have within to break free to become who they really are – a limitless being.


You can tell yourself on the surface that you are spiritual and enlightened but until you dig deep through the fear and have an experience of yourself as something greater than your ego, it is just indirect knowledge. The resistance serves as a birth to a new you that helps you discover how powerful you are in creating your life.


If you are feeling resistance right now, here’s a first step to facing it head-on. Resistance comes in the form of accidents, job loss, break-ups, financial emergencies, loss of loved one, procrastination and avoidance of living your purpose.


1.     Select one that you are facing and examine the result as a witness rather than from your ego “I” as if you were watching another person experience the result.

2.     As you examine the result, write down all the assumptions you are making about the result and who you are as a person. What kind of person gets this type of result?

3.     If this person realized they were divine and unlimited, how would he/she see this differently?

4.     How is this resistance showing me something about my approach to my goal and my life?


Find the gold inside the resistance that will help you grow from these insights. Sometimes it just takes sitting with the feeling and watching your mind make stories up about it so you can see your mind in action. This process is like become aware of your performance of an unconscious habit.


Resistance is unconscious material rising to surface so you can see it and use it to take yourself off of autopilot. Without resistance it would continue to run your life behind the scenes. This is why it is GOLD.


Carl Jung says, that “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will think of it as fate.”


Resistance is the key that either locks you into the old pattern or the key to set you free.