Application for Private Coaching with Debra Maldonado


Hi, it's Debra...

Are you looking for a personal growth solution that does not involve therapy and goes much deeper than thinking positive and goal-setting? 

My private coaching program is ideal for you if you are an aspiring woman leader who is serious about investing in your personal growth in a highly-personal mentoring experience based on the Creative Mind Method to grow in business, love and life.

I hope to speak with you soon!

Much love, Debra  

Who is right for private coaching with Debra?

You has reached some success but...

  • you have been struggling with breaking through to the next level of income;
  • you feel overworked and stressed just making enough; 
  • the clients and team members in your business have you caught in a cycle of pleasing and overgiving;
  • you do not feel you are living your purpose and not aligned with what you are doing;
  • you want to meet the love of your life but haven't made it a priority until now;
  • you may have a business coach helping you with marketing but are missing the inner work to grow yourself;
  • you do not want therapy or new-age magical thinking and are looking for a solid psychology to help you move to the next level of awareness to express yourself fully as a woman leader.

Private coaching with Debra can help you:

  • increase revenue and profit in your business through inner shifts and feel aligned with what you are doing;
  • improve relationships with others and attracting better clients, team members and business opportunities;
  • dramatically change in your romantic life and attract a high-quality partner that matches your highest ideal;
  • feel more confident and powerful as a woman leader and become the change-maker in your industry;
  • a deeper connection to your Divine Wisdom to direct your destiny through true intuition rather than operate from your past conditioning;
  • step into your true power as a woman leader to transform the world!

Apply today only if:

You have the financial means to invest in a private coaching program right now

You are a committed, high-performer who will show up and is ready for change her life!

Investment: My private programs require a minimum five-figure investment (that means the smallest package is over $10,000). 

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How Private Coaching Can Help You

I take on a few private clients per year and below are some of the areas I can help in supporting you achieve your goals. While I have an extensive business and marketing background, our work together is primarily on understanding your personal psychology and how it influences your relationships, business and life so you can transform inner barriers to create what you want. 


How to make the leap in your mind from a beginner to a powerful thought leader in your market. How to create opportunities for advancement by shifting inside.


Choosing the right partner in love and also improving other personal relationships with family and friends.


Overcoming psychological barriers to getting the right leads and closing them as well as cultivating the confidence to charge higher prices and let go of the fear of letting others down.


Work with your Money Shadow®, the hidden aspects of your personal unconscious that is thwarting your money flow or keeping you from breaking through to the next level of income.


There will be setbacks and having a private coach to mentor you through them is crucial for your long-term success. You will begin to see how outer obstacles are reflecting your mind and can easily be overcome.


If you are like most women, you have high expectations of yourself but hesitate spending time and money on your personal transformation. Our private calls will give you a sense of peace, focus and feeling that someone has your back while you understand yourself on a whole new level.

“Debi and Dr. Rob's mindset process has changed my entire business approach resulting in an abundance of sales without stress while aligned with my purpose." -Maria McCool ,

About Debra Maldonado

I am Debra Maldonado. I have been doing personal growth since my early twenties. I was searching for the answer to my relationship woes, but what I realized is that I was really searching for the REAL ME and my true passion in life. I always wanted to be an author and help others in some way.

When I was laid off from my corporate job, I knew I did not want to find another cubicle to hide in. I made the switch to become a hypnotherapist, then coach and now the CEO and Co-Founder of Creative Mind Coaching. I am also the author of "Let Love In: Open Your Heart & Mind to Attract Your Ideal Partner" (Wiley 2010) and have been interviewed on television, radio and in magazines. In just a few years I went from unemployed to entrepreneur to running a 7+ Figure business.

I attribute all of my success to my inner work through Jungian Spiritual Psychology. I had to grow myself to reach the level of success I wanted to achieve and I am passionate about helping you go to the next level in your life whether it be a new career, growing your business, or improving relationships.

Over the years I had many business coaches teach me marketing funnels and strategies, but the biggest leaps in the business were after I shifted internally. 

If you want to get faster results, feel more in control of your destiny and stop feeling overwhelming and scattered, then personal coaching is the answer you have been searching for. I specialize in helping you individuate from your old conditioned patterns to get you to a higher level of consciousness, a place of choice and driving your own limitless destiny.