Unlocking the Power of The Gita

Spiritual Wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita to help you with success, love and an enlightened life



A Spiritual Life includes Wealth, True Love and Inner Peace. Take a journey with us to explore the wisdom of the Bhavagad Gita and free your mind to create the life you want!

Although it may feel that the battle with life is external, that what you want is somewhere in the future or possibly unattainable, we are here to tell you that the battle is within your own mind.  

The mind is difficult to tame and will feed you fears that will limit your life and happiness. There is a higher way of being that will set you free.


In decades of personal growth, we discovered there is one powerful text that gives profound spiritual instructions for life. That text is called the Bhagavad Gita and is thousands of years old.  

Mahatma Gandhi liberated India from the British Empire without violence. He carried the Gita with him as his guide. If he can free an entire country, image what you can do in your own life with this knowledge.

The Bhavagad Gita is a part of a larger story called the Mahabarata, which is the longest poem in history. It begins with a battle and higher teachings about life, working with your mind and true freedom.

This is Debra. For decades I read all of the best-selling self-help books on improving my life. While they helped me feel a little better, I never got a deep transformation from them. When I met my husband and partner Rob Maldonado he told me that he does not read the popular books and goes directly to the source. He handed me his copy of The Bhavagad Gita.

At my first reading, my head was spinning because it had strange wording compared to the sugar-coated "you have it all" messages in the mainsteam personal development. But, as I examined the text and studied it more, it gave me answers that no other book could give. 

Rob and I teach eastern philosophy in our courses along with Jungian Psychology and our students have read the Gita to help them understand deeper truths about the nature of consciousness.

We discovered a practical way to apply this ancient wisdom in our modern life and we want to share this with you.

"If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst forth at once in the sky, that would be the splendor of the Self" - The Bhavagad Gita

The Power of the Gita

4-Part Spiritual Coaching Program to Uncover the Wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita for success, love and the life you want.

Our 4-part course is designed to help you learn the higher wisdom from the Gita and apply it directly into your life for immediate transformation.

The program is for you if you are craving DEEPER teachings v. superficial goal setting and motivational catch-phrases, you are fascinated with spiritual psychology and dedicated to your personal growth so you can become the successful person that you always known was inside of you.

Participation: 100% Virtual Online Training - can be taken from anywhere in the world.



The Power of the Gita Modules Include: 

Module 1 The Divine Song In this module, the journey begins when our hero Arjuna (who represents our human self) meets Krishna (our higher self) on the battlefield of life.  

In this module you will explore:

  • the concept of your higher purpose
  • how to liberate yourself from karma (conditioning)
  • the nature of Maya: the dance of the material world
  • the wisdom within yourself to guide your choices

Module 2 Your Sacred Mission

Your true mission in life is to liberate your mind from the conditioning of the senses and past patterns. In this module you will step into your sacred self to consciously direct your life.

You will learn:

  • the Eight Limbs of Yoga
  • embodying love as a spiritual path
  • how the universe is created
  • the power of meditation  

Module 3 Your Universal Self In this module we examine Krisha's teachings about his universal form as the creator, sustainer and destroyer of life and how you have direct access to these powers.

You will:

  • reclaim your universal self and creative power
  • begin to experience the symbolic life
  • let go of fear of change and transition
  • understand the three qualities of existence that influence your life
  • see the interplay of matter and spirit

Module 4 Four Paths of Yoga

In this module we explain how to put all knowledge into practice in your every day life so you can enter a new way of being in the world without anxiety or fear.

You will become aware of the four paths of yoga (Jnana, Batki, Rajas and Karma) and determine which path fits best with you. You will gain clarity on your approach to entering into a new realm of consciousness to create your life with power and trust in the divine.

BONUS: Special Meditations to Increase Awareness

You will be guided to learn special meditative practices that will help you increase your awareness and experience a closer connection to your true divine nature.

Three (3) Guided Meditations by Dr. Rob Maldonado

Program Summary

The Power of the Gita is a 4-part Pre-recorded Program to help you free your mind to create the life you want.

  • Four (4) Pre-recorded Training Modules  
  • Transcripts of the Training Calls 
  • Special Meditative Practices to Increase Awareness
  • BONUS: Three (3) Guided Meditations by Rob Maldonado, PhD
  • Investment: $997 See special price low 

Note: It is recommended to purchase your own copy of the book, Bhavagad Gita to study along with the program, but that is not required.  



Here's What Our Say

I could never put a price tag on the invaluable coaching Debi and Dr. Rob have provided me as they helped me take back the reins of my life. Little did I know the one area of my life that I was struggling with was just the opening to such a more expansive, fulfilling and joyful life. One where I finally was able to remove the dingy glasses I was viewing life from and see clearly what a powerful creator I am.  

Jane Omohundro, Image Coach


Universal Spiritual Principles are at the core of my life and work now. This has not only made me more effective, it has made me happy and whole. The way Debi and Rob deliver the message of this higher knowledge is very powerful and enjoyable.  

-Amanda Scarcella , Intuitive Health and Fitness Coach  


Debi and Dr. Rob helped me cultivate the courage to change my life. I went from feeling stuck and limited in my small town, corporate job to having my own coaching business in a city I love and a life filled with freedom, abundance and so much possibility.

Marcella Diane, Jungian Love Coach - MarcellaDiane.com  

Love this work!  

I worked with Deb and Rob for over a year and it changed my life. It really helped me take my blinders off and see how I create my own reality. This insight gave me the power to make new choices that moved me toward the life I wanted to have. I started my own coaching business and married the love of my life. These things never would have been possible without this work. I use what I learned in my coaching practice, my marriage and all my relationships. I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity to do this.  

Renee Suzanne, Love Coach - ReneeSuzanneCoaching.com

I’ve been working with Debi & Dr. Rob for the past 4 years and I started because I had one problem to solve - but then I became “hooked” on the intrigue of the work itself and Eastern Philosophy was a big part of the draw along, with Jungian Psychology. Eastern Philosophy has become the strong foundation that I always rely on, when the world around me is chaotic. I feel secure in the principles no matter what the situation, whether its love, family, friendships, career, or otherwise. And…I’ve more than doubled my 6 figure income from doing this work, and have become a Certified Jungian Spiritual Life Coach just because I love it so very much! I established my passion project business, Newborn Evolution – as Leadership Transformation Coach & Journalist, in addition to my high pressure corporate career. Everyday is a beautiful new adventure! 

Joanne Newborn - NewbornEvolution.com

Eastern philosophy helps me to understand the true nature of reality and myself, empowering me with the right philosophical foundation to best utilize Jungian work and techniques. As Dr. Rob once put it, if we don't get the formula correct, no matter how good we are at math calculation, we are gonna get the wrong result.  

For example, I can do five years of meditation and visualization, disciplined every single day. However, if I don't understand who I am, how to take actions without attachment, DDD, tamas/rajas/sattva, I would still get sucked into everyday life drama and pour all my energy in ego spinning. 

- Anonymous

I was a self-development junkie for years, spending so much time and money to no avail until I discovered the powerful, unique combination of Eastern wisdom and Jungian psychology that has made a significant difference in my life.  

I bounced back from the aftermath of a toxic, traumatizing relationship to healthy love—the best relationship yet—without healing, therapy, or drugs in an unexpectedly short period of time by simply understanding the nature and workings of the mind, knowing that everything arises from the mind with the ultimate goal of freeing the mind from past conditioning and ego-created stories. There's no need to look for future red flags or make a list of what you want or don't want when you make the unconscious mind conscious and when you are aligned with your higher self.  

This teaching goes well beyond superficial dating tips that are nothing more than persona management, ego-based law of attraction hacks, and the love-yourself/heal-thyself camp so typical of the coaching or self-help industry.  

This teaching also applies to all aspects of life—career, finances, spirituality, and more—that are still work in progress in my case.  

Nancee-Laetitia Marin - TheLanguageAgent.com

The study of Eastern Philosophy has profoundly reinforced what I already inherently knew...that I have a Higher Self that is divinely connected to everyone and everything in the Universe. By working with Debi and Dr. Rob over the past year, I have had a dramatic shift in my view of reality and in fact, have realized that the majority of my life was based upon faulty perceptions. Their unique combination teachings of Wisdom Tradition and Jungian Psychology help people to move beyond the trappings of their limited ego mind thinking. I have acquired the knowledge that I am the master creator of my own life...that my internal reality is the determining factor of my outer one. A most valuable lesson that I have incorporated is that by mastering my mind, I have the ability to see and create unlimited possibilities in every facet of my life. This work has been life changing for me and I more than highly recommend it to everyone who has long been searching for answers, as I was, on how to get unstuck in their lives without needing to heal themselves first...This is THE WAY.

-Erin Mary Martin, LMFT, Awakenings Psychotherapy & Counseling

Debi & Rob, 

What a beautiful call tonight.. and a grand finale to the grandest book ever written. I can’t believe I waited until now to read the Bhagavad Gita. You’ve been telling us about the Gita for years..I should have listened earlier! Then again, maybe I wasn't ready yet. This book puts all of your teachings on higher knowledge into a much bigger perspective for me. 

Thank you for delivering the rich, mysterious and sacred stories of the Gita in such a down-to-earth, direct & lighthearted way. 

A.F., Oregon  


This program was developed by Debra Berndt Maldonado and Robert Maldonado, Ph.D., Founders of Creative Mind Coaching — home of advanced Life Coach trainings and certifications and personal growth programs.

Robert Maldonado, PhD is recognized internationally as a human behavior and relationship expert. He has had a life-long interest in Jungian concepts, dreams, world mythology and comparative religion. His diverse academic training includes neuropsychology, neurodevelopment, social neuroscience, and multicultural psychology, and his clinical experience includes working with individuals, groups, couples and families. His research interests include the exploration of consciousness, personal transformation, the creative process, and eastern philosophies such as Vedanta, Buddhism, and Taoism.  

Featured in...

"Yoga is the perfect evenness of the mind" ~The Gita


Do I need to have taken another course before I can enter the Power of the Gita? 

No, this program can be taken anytime. If you have taken other courses, you will find this new material will deepen your knowledge and self-awareness for best results.  

I am not sure what I want to do, will this program address finding my purpose?

Yes, the Inner Journey to Lasting Happiness program is specifically designed for people who want to work on their personal development and through that self-realization become clear on their vision. For four weeks you will be immersed in a process that will dramatically change how you see yourself and what is possible in your life. Most people already know purpose but are unsure that it is attainable. This program will help you believe and be clear on what you want.

Do I need to attend any Live Events for this program?

This Program can be completely done online in the comfort of your home, no travel is required.

Do I need to be spiritual to join this program?

We prefer you have a desire to explore your own spirituality. You do not need to define it in anyway and you may become more clear on your spiritual beliefs as you go through the process.