We created these programs for busy women entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and business professionals like you to complete on-demand at your convenience. You’ll have access to Debra and Rob’s recorded Live sessions as well as digital materials that can be downloaded on your mobile for easy access and stored in your private password-protected online account.

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Free Workshops

Intro to Jungian Life Coaching

Introduction to Jungian Coaching

A free 3-video series to learn about Life Coaching based in Jungian theory and tools to help others in a deeper way. Includes a free course handout and meditation ...
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On-demand Programs

Embracing Your Shadow for Success

A NEW 4-part program to work with your Shadow side to free up your mind to create the success you really want! Feel more creative, intuitive and powerful in your ...
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Awaken Your Feminine Wisdom

8-Part Coaching Program for women entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and professionals to shift their mindset around success, build confidence to go for their dreams and be happier on the journey ...
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Creating the Body Beautiful

A spiritual approach to weight loss and body image with meditations and breath exercises for optimal health and happiness ...
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Power of the Gita

Our 4-part course is designed to help you learn the higher wisdom from the Gita and apply it directly into your life for immediate transformation ...
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Heart & Mind of Money

6-part program to help you create wealth with meaning for ambitious women. You will explore how abundant consciousness really works based on eastern philosophy and how to create a successful ...
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Love and Relationships

Creative Love Coaching

NEW 5-part course+love coaching program for women who are ready to empower themselves and create lasting, meaningful love. Discover your ...
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Engaged In a Year

A love coaching program to help you find EXTRAORDINARY LOVE! We help you work with your mind so that you ...
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Love Detox

4-Part Course to help you get over a break-up or romantic heartache in general so you can open your heart ...
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Being In Love

This 6-part program will help explore the 4 Levels of Relationship and what is unconsciously stopping you from meeting the ...
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