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Experience transformative results from courses designed to empower women in the areas of love, success and spirituality. After purchase, you’ll have access to Debra and Rob’s recorded Live sessions and digital materials. You can watch/listen at your convenience by downloading the course to your mobile device or storing in a provided private, password-protected online account.

Self-Awakening Spiritual Course

Explore the wisdom of the Upanishads (sacred Sanskrit texts expounding the true nature of the Self) to cultivate your awakening ...
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Open Your Heart to Love

Are you ready for lasting love? Reveal unconscious emotional barriers and open your heart to attract true love ...
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Create Your Success Mindset

Reveal your unconscious limitations and breakthrough to success in this 2-day workshop. This retreat is for entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, coaches, ...
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Intro to Jungian Life Coaching

Introduction to Jungian Coaching (Free Workshop)

A free 3-video series to learn about Life Coaching based in Jungian theory and tools to help others in a ...
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