Create and kickstart your Life Coaching business, one guided step at a time.

Are you a Life Coach ready to build your business and get paying clients, but don’t know where to begin? Launch Your Coaching Business is designed specifically for you. Over 6 weeks, you will define your business, develop your brand, create your first marketing funnel and so much more in this hands-on program. Join us to bring your coaching business to life.



Find the Right Clients and Help More People

You want to share your gifts with others, that’s why you became a coach. That’s why I became a coach. I wanted to leave my corporate job and work from home and be my own boss. There are so many great coaches in the world that aren’t coaching full-time — not because there is a lack of demand, but they do not know how to get clients and run their own business.

We created Launch Your Coaching Business specifically for coaches to help you get all the critical pieces, set up a plan, and feel confident that you can create a business that brings you consistent income so you can do the work you really love.

Over six weeks you will be guided by Marketing experts who have created successful lead generation and sales strategies for coaches. You will have full access to clear steps and strategies that will set up your coaching business for success.

We know you have something to share, let us help you find your people and express your purpose in a big way.

— Debra Berndt Maldonado, Co-Founder of CreativeMind


What You Will Gain

  • Define your coaching specialty and ideal client
  • Build a compelling signature program
  • Develop the name and voice of your brand
  • Receive a step-by-step guide to select and setup the platforms needed to market your coaching business 
  • Write copy that gets the results you’re after
  • Create your first marketing funnel to start getting clients
  • Get an outline of the exact tools and technology needed to run your business
  • Learn ways to build awareness and engagement online as a coach
  • Awaken your Entrepreneurial Mindset

Program Details

Gain the tools to build your coaching practice and begin an abundant coaching business.

  • 6 Weeks of Learning Modules
  • Weekly Coaching Labs for Q&A and Direct Coaching
  • Professional review and feedback for your brand name, signature program and website copy
  • Weekly mindset check-ins
  • Dedicated Accountability Partner
  • 24/7 Student Forum for questions and engagement

Live learning sessions will be held Tuesday at 10am PT, with recordings provided. Live Coaching Labs with Q& A will be held Thursdays at 10am PT.


Bundle your course with extras and save! Each package is outfitted with upgrades to support your path to entrepreneurship.


Get the tools and training to launch your coaching business.

  • Launch Your Coaching Business 6-Week Program


Course + Retreat

Go deeper to master your Sales Mindset to attract and close clients.

  • Launch Your Coaching Business 6-Week Program
  • Selling with Soul 2-Day Virtual Retreat


Speak with our Enrollment Coach to Learn More.

VIP Package

Overcome your inner barriers in private coaching sessions with Debra Maldonado.

  • Launch Your Coaching Business 6-Week Program
  • Selling with Soul 2-Day Virtual Retreat
  • 3 Private Coaching Sessions with Debra


Speak with our Enrollment Coach to Learn More.


Debra Berndt Maldonado & Laura Davis

DEBRA BERNDT MALDONADO is the CEO of CreativeMind, and Managing Director of the International Jungian Coaching Association.

She is the author of the bestselling book, LET LOVE IN: OPEN YOUR HEART & MIND TO ATTRACT YOUR IDEAL PARTNER (Wiley 2010). Debi has been featured by ABC News, ABC Radio Network, FOX News, NBC News, WB2, Cosmopolitan, Natural Health, Huffington Post, YourTango, Publisher’s Weekly, Complete Woman, Inc.com, and more. She has over 30 years of marketing experience in entertainment, digital, and wellness marketing.

Her passion is to inspire people to do what they love, helping others become entrepreneurs as life coaches, authors and trainers.

LAURA DAVIS, M.S. is the head of Marketing for CreativeMind. She brings 15+ years experience creating advertising campaigns, building brands and leading marketing strategy for organizations ranging from local start-ups to international Fortune 500 companies. Laura is passionate about personal growth and has been focusing her marketing expertise within the coaching industry over the past year.

She earned her Bachelors in Communication from University of Florida and Masters in Marketing with a Certificate of Specialization in Brand & Customer Management from Georgia State University.


Here are descriptions of each module that we will cover every Tuesday, starting October 12th. Then on Thursdays during the program, we will host a Coaching Lab to help you work through the lessons and apply them to your business so you can get up and running right away!

Module 1:

Define Your Ideal Client and Niche

The foundation of your marketing rests upon defining your ideal client so that you can maximize your efforts. Experience a process to get clear on your niche and ideal coaching client.

Module 2:

Define Your Brand and Build Your Signature Program

Creating a compelling offer is the key to generating consistent income in your coaching business. Learn how to name and structure your core offering that is attractive to your ideal client that includes your brand voice and style according to your brand archetype.

Module 3:

Tools and Technology to Run Your Business

Get the nuts and bolts of setting up your office with the tools you will need to run your business. This includes setting up calendars, registering your business with your state and other critical components to run a professional coaching business.

Module 4:

Marketing Foundations

How to set up your website, professional email, social media channels and free gift offers to capture leads and drive consultations. You’ll receive detailed guides to walk you through each step and build your first marketing funnel.

Module 5:

Creating Awareness and Engagement

Get tactical direction on how to use social media to generate interest in your coaching services. This includes an advertising overview, how to do videos, guidelines on how to write posts and ways to convert followers into consults.

Module 6:

Getting Clients through Consultations

This last module will focus on the Entrepreneurial Mindset of conducting free consultations to get paying clients. Learn about your shadow and how your prospects will reflect your fears and highest vision. Understand the common objections to buying your services and how to address them in an empowering way.



Join us and Bring Your Coaching Business to Life