Indulging in the luxury of doubt

Doubt is not alone and is closely followed by its cousins, fear and worry. Doubt brings us down, it clouds our thinking and distracts us from joy. It may sound strange that the idea of doubt is a luxury and every form of luxury has its price.

Doubt has its advantages. You get to

  • give up
  • blame the past for our current situation
  • avoid change
  • stay in your comfort zone
  • sit back and blame the world for your problems
  • be lazy

The ego loves doubt because it gives you a great excuse to remain unchanged. The ego feeds your doubt by showing you evidence of all the ways you will not find love, not make any money or live your dreams. You spent far too many years entertaining these ideas as if they were true.

The years of doubt result in having more faith in failure than faith in possibilities.

When you have big dreams or a strong desire to change, you cannot afford the luxury of doubt. The cost of this indulgence is never getting what you want and waiting for the world to prove something to you in order to believe in your dreams.

Doubt creates a huge chasm between where you are and where you want to be. It can stop you from fully investing in yourself for a transformational program or encourage you to go the cheapest possible route because nothing is going to work anyway. Worse, the doubt can sabotage anything you do to grow yourself because you never gave it a fighting chance to help you.

But…thankfully, your dream won’t go away. The inner voice that believes and loves you keeps pushing you toward more life. Eventually, you decide that you don’t have time to wait, you want to experience your dreams now and that surge gives you the courage to be bold and leave doubt in the dust.

When you let go of the luxury of doubt, you have to be ready to experience being uncomfortable. It takes courage to:

  • hold the vision of what you want even when everything is showing you the opposite
  • move outside of your comfort zone and take risks
  • face change
  • take responsibility for your destiny
  • constantly being motivated
  • face adversity and temporary defeat
  • be rejected by others and not let it rattle you
  • open your heart and allow yourself to be vulnerable to receive
  • see yourself and your life as an unlimited because no one told you that before

By opening the door to new possibilities you now get to experience the power of a creative life rather than a passive life. You get to be challenged in ways you never imagined, but the hero in you perseveres in reaching his or her true destiny.

You realize that false sense of safety you felt in your tiny comfort room is so terribly small and boring. When you are called to action, it is no longer a luxury to have doubt. Doubt becomes a burden. You have to let it go because it is too heavy for the journey on the wild ride of an amazing, creative life.