[VIDEO] Money Mindset: Dealing with fear and worry about money

Do you constantly worry about money? Are you afraid of being irresponsible? Do you want to change your money mindset to allow more flow and financial freedom?

The Money Mindset

Your natural state is abundance, only the ego sees and thinks in limitation. Listen to Debi Berndt and Dr. Rob Maldonado (psychologist) discuss how to reveal the real cause of your anxiety and free yourself.

Your attitude about wealth, just like love and relationships, will create your experience in life.

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We’ll give you some practical tips to identify your fear around creating the wealth you want and steps you can take to shift your mind and feel happier and more on purpose with your life.

We believe that no matter what your experience was in the past, you can create a new beginning and new spiritual awareness.


Debi: Hi, this is Debi and Doctor Rob. Here we are at the fire, answering some questions from our people that visit our blog and come to our webcast. Here’s a question about money, and it’s from- her initial is T, and she’s from Jackson, Wyoming. The question is, “How can I release this feeling that I don’t have enough money? I’m constantly budgeting and holding on to my money and feel I need to be freer in my approach without being irresponsible.” That’s a great question.

Doctor Rob: There’s a couple of ways that we work with the mindset of abundance and money. The first principle that we use is that money should never be put above our consciousness. It serves our purposes. It acts as a building tool for us, but it is never a predominating force in our lives. We never fear it. Once we establish those ground rules and we learn to- well and we train our mind to do that, then we’re able to look deeper as to what was the conditioning around money that we’ve got early on.

Usually, that came initially from our parents, then our peers as we started going to school, our education, of course, and our culture. Our culture has a huge impact on the way we see money, the way we react to it. All those elements of conditioning, if left unexamined, will essentially create a glass ceiling for you and will stop you at a certain point from earning more money, from being able to create abundance of wealth.

Debi: Our natural state really is abundance. If we come from a divine, intelligent place, our creative unconscious is unlimited. So, whenever there’s lack, you know you’re working with an ego and you look working with the conditioned mind. Now, it’s interesting. In the question, the clue is right there. When you ask your questions, think about– The answer is really in the question. The question had the word irresponsible in it. How do I spend money without being irresponsible? So, you see already that there’s a conflict with your mind and your idea about money, because the whole idea about irresponsibility is what is the fear about being irresponsible.

What is the fear about– The idea around it is that if I’m irresponsible, I’m going to run out and there’s not going to be enough, which is a lie, right? I would start with examining why you have this idea about irresponsibility and money. Do some journaling around it. Write down some thoughts around it. Then think about your parents and upbringing and your culture and what were the messages that you were receiving when you were really young around money and responsibility and what do you still hear and that chatter in your head about money and responsibility.

Doctor Rob: Jung says, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will think it’s fate.” This applies to money as well. If you leave your unconscious conditioning unexamined, it will determine for you your reaction and your response to money. The contrary is true. If you are able to examine that part of your psyche, you will be free from it.

Debi: I hope we answered that question. We hope you get inside and connect with that part of you that sees abundance in all. You’ll see the difference in your outer world.