5 Days to Bliss Meditation Challenge

5 Days to Bliss Meditation Challenge with Debra Berndt Maldonado & Robert Maldonado, Ph.D. Find Out More: https://creativemindcoach.com/meditation-challenge-optin-subscribers/ Use the practice of meditation to connect to your True Self. This Facebook Challenge gives you a basic introduction to the importance of meditation and how to improve your practice so you can withdraw ego attachments, move beyond …


Mind & Soul of Success 2-Day Virtual Retreat

2-Day Event on the Psychology of Success with Debra Berndt Maldonado & Robert Maldonado, Ph.D. Find out more: https://creativemindmethod.com/attend-mind-and-soul-of-success-retreat   Psychology of Entrepreneurship and Creating Success In our Mind & Soul of Success Retreat, we will teach you about the psychology of success, how your current results are holding you back, and how to use …


Creative Mind Coach Certification Program

Our Creative Mind Method™ is more than just a basic life coaching process of setting goals or simply motivating clients. Learn a complete system that helps your clients not only reach their goals but make lasting changes in their life by becoming their true self. Six-month certification program begins June 3, 2020.


Embracing ANGER to Open Your Heart

Most people do not see their own anger and it has paralyzing effect. Learn how embracing this powerful emotion allows you to reclaim passion in your life and escape stagnation to move your life forward. Join our life coaching for women group for access to this free event.


Creative Mind Coaching Will Change Your Life

Join us for this Free Online Event for Women seeking an advanced model of Self-Growth and Professional Development. Not just a gimmick or series of endless therapy. Our life coaching model is rooted in our bespoke alchemy of Eastern Wisdom, Jungian Psychology, and Brain Science. You can and will experience true transformation with Creative Mind Coaching.


Q&A and Coaching with Debra & Rob

Day five of our Start Living You Purpose 5-Day Challenge. The final day of the challenge is an open Q & A and group life coaching session with Debra and Rob. Have your questions ready and note the special time for this event.


Clarify Your Vision

Day four of our Start Living Your Purpose 5-Day Challenge. In order to create something new, you need to engage your imagination. Learn to understand the difference between imagination and fantasy get clear on how visualization can help you connect with your unconscious mind get tips on how to make your visualization experience more effective and enjoyable.


Overcoming Resistance & Being Unstoppable

Day three of our Start Living Your Purpose 5-Day Challenge. Pure will or intention is not enough to create change in your life. Reveal your unconscious desires that keep you from living your dreams through our Destiny Formula and how to align your higher purpose to create change in your life.


Uncovering Your Hidden Talents & Gifts

Day two of our Start Living Your Purpose 5-Day Challenge. Uncover hidden gifts that you are not using and be empowered to start activating them in your life. Discover paths that fit your unique interests and will help you move toward making career shifts that align more with who you really area on a deep level.


The Path to Brilliance

Day one of our Start Living You Purpose 5-Day Challenge. Free in our Facebook Group for Women. Explore the psychological cycle of change and the obstacles people face in discovering and living their purpose.