[VIDEO] Negative Thinking: How to Deal with it and Be Free

Do you ever feel like you just can’t deal with your negative thinking and feel powerless to change your attitude? Do you feel overwhelmed with all the doubts, fears, worries and anxiety that floods your mind when you think about your goals in life whether it is finding true love, money issues or finding the right career path?

Help is here! Watch this short video to learn a very easy exercise to find relief from negative thinking and reclaim your power to create the life you want.

Find out why you have negative thoughts and how they are completely normal! Learn how to free your mind and feel better today.

Negative thinking comes from the ego and we get lost in the mindchatter if we identify with the ego, not our true self.

Our true nature is peace, love and joy and always bringing more life and freedom to us. The negative thoughts act like heavy veil covering our true perfection and lightness. If you try to fix them, they will just lead you in a circle and you will be consumed by them. This easy mindset technique is something you can do anywhere, anytime you are feeling stuck in negative thinking. Practice may be difficult at first, but eventually you will get the hang of it and really start to feel a difference in your life.

We also recommend cultivating an idea of your higher nature (if you don’t already have that). This larger, powerful, real you is always within and supporting you. There is nothing to fear in life when you have access to your greater self in your mind and heart.  You are unlimited.

Debi Maldonado: Hi this is Debi of debianddrrob.com and I wanted to talk to you today about your favorite subject “Negative Thinking.” Now, at beginning so many people asking me, “How do I deal with negative thinking?” People are stuck in negative thinking. They feel like it’s driving them crazy and they’re trying to get out of it, and it feels like they’re in a trap. They just want to know, “How do I escape it? How can I fix my thoughts to be more positive?”

Well, I can tell you that when I first started my personal development journey, I read Louise Hay book “You Can Heal Your Life,” which is a great book, a great start. I knew that my thoughts create my life and what happened was that any time I started thinking negatively. I knew that I was doing something bad, and I judged myself. Then I would get really stressed out, and then having you at this moments where you’re actually judging and being negative about your negative thinking, and really getting hard on yourself. It just feels like one big trap.

Here is something that is going to free your mind and something you can do whenever you’re caught up in negative thinking. First of all, negative thinking is actually normal. Negative thinking is a part of your ego mind. It is little human mind that is always thinking, and always assessing, and always judging and that mind is always trying to make your life better. Unfortunately, it has kind of a negative voice. It plays these same tapes over and over again, and it’s all part of your ego conditioning. This isn’t really who you are, it’s just thoughts that are just flooding your mind every day.

Now, it will be impossible for you to fix every negative thought you have and censor yourself, and try to think positive all the time, and never ever have a negative thought again. It will always be there. Instead of trying to fix the ego, trying to get rid of those negative thoughts, what you want to do is see yourself transcending them, that you are not your thoughts, you are not those patterns of thinking, that you are something bigger. You have to find a way to access a deeper part of you, that your true self, that has been affected by your life experience, that true spirit and light that’s within you.

It may take time, but I’m going to give you a really quick exercise that’s going to help you start the process. When we try to deal with our negative thoughts, it’s almost like this, imagine someone who’s drowning. This person is flaring in the water, they can’t get their head above water and they’re panicking, and everyone knows that when you try to rescue a drowning person that if you go toward them, they will grab onto you and take you down with them. That’s exactly what happens with these negative thoughts.

We dive in the water with them, we wrestle with them, we’re trying to fix them, and we feel like those thoughts are consuming us and pulling us under where we feel out of control. What we want to do is imagine that our thoughts that we have those thoughts ego thoughts are like a rushing river that runs along the river bank, and it’s this really rapid flowing river that’s untamed. It’s not those gentle relaxing rivers, it’s one of those wild rivers and the thoughts that you have, those panicky negative thoughts that we have, are floating in that river.

We have a choice that we engage with them, and we dive into the thoughts, and we try to fix them. This like a drowning person they’ll take us down with us. What we want to do is imagine standing on the side of the bank of the river and watching those thoughts come through, and be the witness to this thought. And the part of you that is light, that is your true self, is always there, but it’s just because you’re so caught up in the thinking that you don’t even realize that there’s a silent powerful part of you right there, right now, all the time.

What this does is actually separate your beingness from being those thought to actually being the witness. By making that simple shift, it may sound really simple and basic, but it will start to train your mind to stop engaging with those thoughts, stop believing and getting caught up with them making them ruin your day and even trying to fix them. Then from that place when you just allow those thoughts to be there and you no longer getting caught up in them and entangled in them, then they start to get  distant, they start to get like background noise and then your mind is free to tap into that wonderful true self to create new amazing things in your life.

Hope that helps you today. If you’re having a negative day, remember that it’s normal and not that you have negative thoughts. You will never fix those thoughts. They will always be there, but the key is not to let them run your life anymore. Have a great day. I wish you great creating and being on the bank of that river and watching those thoughts go by while standing in your power and not being affected by them. Have a great day.

Debi: We’re Debi and Dr. Rob, transformational leaders and young in spiritual psychology. Helping you have more love, more success, and more creativity in your life. You can create a life that you love. Discover your true self in a creative power of your mind to live your full potential.