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[VIDEO] How do I find my own power?

Debi and Dr. Rob answer your questions by the fire. Watch this video where we answer the question: “How Do I Find My Own Power?” The key to discovering your own power is to look within. So many people give their power away to money, relationships and needing approval and their sense of security is …

[VIDEO] Why do I keep attracting emotionally-unavailable men?

Do  you always seem to attract emotionally-unavailable men even though you feel ready for love? Why is this happening when you feel SO OPEN and READY for LOVE? Why are you constantly attracting commitment-phobes? Find out in this video question and answer session with Debi and Dr. Rob. Learn about your Inner Adam (animus) and …

[VIDEO] How to Start Living as Your Higher Self

Debi and Dr. Rob answer your questions about individuation, Jungian psychology and eastern philosophy. In this segment, we answer the question, “How to Start Living as Your Higher Self”. Learn this easy exercise that you can do every day. TRANSCRIPT: Voice-over: You can create the life that you love. Carl Jung says that until you …

How to Remember Your Dreams

Check out this quick video on how you can start remembering your dreams and use them as a guide to attract the love of your life. Use this simple technique and let your dreams starting speaking to you.