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understanding dreams in life coaching

Podcast: Why We Dream

In this episode we will have a discussion on the purpose of dreams. We will cover:  What is the dream state?  What can the dream state teach us about reality?  How can dreams help us connect to our soul? Life Coach Certification with Creative Mind Method offers an in-depth Jungian coaching model so you can …

reconciling science and spirituality in life coaching

Podcast: Science v. Spirituality

In this episode we discuss the decline of spirituality in the age of science. We will cover:  How science is making people lose faith in their spiritual practices.  Why science cannot answer the deeper questions about life.  How science and spirituality can co-exist in the world today. Life Coach Certification with Creative Mind Method offers …

Spirituality for Life Coaches

Podcast: Spiritual Psychology for Coaches

Listen as we discuss the Creative Mind spiritual philosophy. We talk about manifestation and what that really means, how it really works from a psychological and spiritual perspective, and how you can become a more spiritual person and live a more spiritual life.  Learn about the underlying philosophy of the Upanishads. Discover the Jungian model …

stress and mindbody in Life Coaching

Podcast: Stress and the MindBody Solution

Wondering how to deal with stress in a healthy way? Listen to this talk on the MindBody, the neuroscience and biology of stress and how the five sheaths taught in Yoga traditions can give you an easy way to feel more in control over your life. Listen to the 5 Sheaths Meditation Here: https://youtu.be/NvqaF1SZjq8 Season …

How to work with the Anima/Animas in Life Coaching

The Divine Other – The Anima/Animus in Romantic Relationships

In this session, we’ll have a discussion about one of Jung’s concepts – Anima/Animus Archetypes that influence men and women in intimate relationships.  We explain the power of these archetypes to take over your life and make romantic decisions where you feel powerless to the force of passion. Understand how your personal history influences your Anima or …

Life Coaching for Self-Love

The Art of Self-Compassion

In our weekly Saturday Soul Session we discuss how to practice compassion on yourself through having compassion for others. Are you self-critical and hard on yourself? Do you feel that no matter what you do it isn’t enough? Do you regret your past mistakes and obsess over how you could have done things differently?  Understand how …

[VIDEO] How to Deal with Difficult People

Have you ever felt frustrated with a difficult person? They can really take up so much emotional energy and you want to try to avoid being around them. Many times, these people are not easily gone from your life – they could be a co-worker, boss, your partner or family member. Watch the video where Debra explains how you can face difficult people with power and what you can learn from them to help you grow and expand your life.

Use the feeling of trigger to examine the question – “What am I defending?” For the most part, we are defending our pride or our safety which gives the other person power to have that over us.

Find out how to set your mind free and get the gold this difficult person has to offer you. There is no need to get rid of toxic people in your life when you understand your deeper mind and true self.