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Identified Patient in Coaching

Family Systems in Coaching | Psychology of Life Coaching Part 5

This is the fifth episode of our 6-part Psychology of Life Coaching series where we explore the Family Systems Theory. Join us as we explore the models of psychology used most in personal development and how they each create change. Uncover the benefits and limitations of each model to reveal which coaching styles create deeper, …

The Warrior Archetype in Life Coaching

Wonder Woman & The Warrior Archetype

We are launching the next season of Soul Sessions with a discussion of the symbolic themes in the movie, “Wonder Woman 84” as the Warrior Archetype. In this episode, learn how this archetype can help you in your life and make 2021 a breakthrough year for you in reaching your goals. What is the Warrior …

Dreams & Symbols in Life Coaching

Dreams & Symbols in Inception

Inception is a movie that reveals the hidden life of dreams and asks us to examine our own reality and the nature of consciousness. The film is so deep and complex and tries to give us a glimpse of what is possible with lucid dream states and the blending of waking and dream realities. We’ll …

God Complex in Life Coaching

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein – Humans & the God Complex

If you read the actual book Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, you realize the richness and meaning that is abandoned in the popular Frankenstein movies. A prophetic writer, she addresses man’s grappling with God’s power that can be related to our most modern times of technological advancement. We will discuss the following: Jung’s God Archetype How …

Create Your Success Mindset

Reveal your unconscious limitations and breakthrough to success in this 2-day workshop. This retreat is for entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, coaches, therapists and helping professionals who want to make a difference.

Transformation in Life Coaching

Symbols of Transformation in the Lord of the Rings

J. R. R. Tolkin’s classic The Lord of the Rings was for many of us our introduction to the power of myths. In this episode, we delve into the heroic adventures of Frodo as he battles dark and powerful forces in order to complete his mission. Identify the stages of the Hero’s Journey and learn …

Working with archetypes in Life Coaching

The Dark Knight and the Joker – the Anti-hero Archetype

In this episode we discuss Batman’s dark night of the soul as well as the psychology of the anti-hero. We also discuss the role of the Joker as the anti-hero’s shadow. Learn more about the Dark Night of the Soul and its transformative power. Batman’s need for purpose and his inevitable conflict with his shadow, …

Success as a Spiritual Journey

Join us for a conversation about the spiritual journey of becoming an entrepreneur.  Do you use spiritual principles for material goals?  Find out how to use your business as a spiritual process.  Understand what you are working for, what is your purpose?  How the Obstacles are the Way Escaping ego and not making the business …