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Collective Unconscious in Life Coaching

What is the Collective Unconscious?

In this episode we will discuss one of Jung’s biggest contributions to psychology, The Collective Unconscious. We will cover:  What is the Collective Unconscious?  How do the Archetypes in the Collective Unconscious live through us?  How do you connect with the Collective Unconscious and your deeper self? Discover more in our interactive Creative Mind Facebook …

reconciling science and spirituality in life coaching

Podcast: Science v. Spirituality

In this episode we discuss the decline of spirituality in the age of science. We will cover:  How science is making people lose faith in their spiritual practices.  Why science cannot answer the deeper questions about life.  How science and spirituality can co-exist in the world today. Life Coach Certification with Creative Mind Method offers …

Spirituality for Life Coaches

Podcast: Spiritual Psychology for Coaches

Listen as we discuss the Creative Mind spiritual philosophy. We talk about manifestation and what that really means, how it really works from a psychological and spiritual perspective, and how you can become a more spiritual person and live a more spiritual life.  Learn about the underlying philosophy of the Upanishads. Discover the Jungian model …

How to make life changes in Life Coaching

Podcast: 3 Stages of Change

Do you feel like your life is constantly repeating itself and you are not sure how to change your results?  This episode explores the stages of life that lead you to your true self. We found that people who are having conflicts in life are stuck in a certain stage, and that is the reason …

Father Complex Life Coaching

Podcast: The Father Imago

Listen to our discussion on Carl Jung’s concept of the Father Imago (complex), the Father Archetype and how to work with the Father Imago to find love and success in your life. What is the Father Imago? How does the Father Imago influence love & relationships? How does the Father Imago influence success, drive and …