Self-Awakening Spiritual Course

Explore the wisdom of the Upanishads (sacred Sanskrit texts expounding the true nature of the Self) to cultivate your awakening mind, experience peace and be more empowered to make your mark.

Create Your Success Mindset

Reveal your unconscious limitations and breakthrough to success in this 2-day workshop. This retreat is for entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, coaches, therapists and helping professionals who want to make a difference.

Creative Love

NEW 5-part course+love coaching program for women who are ready to empower themselves and create lasting, meaningful love. Discover your Love Persona and how you can utilize it to cultivate your authentic self and a romantic relationship that truly honors you.

Awaken Your Feminine Wisdom

8-Part Coaching Program for women entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and professionals to shift their mindset around success, build confidence to go for their dreams and be happier on the journey.