The Best Place to Look for Love

When things are going well, you worry if you will lose it. If things are not going well, you wonder when something new will come in to make your life better. The biggest cause of suffering is the assumption that a person, a situation or money can rescue you from pain and provide happiness. The only way to be truly happy is to understand the difference between the container and the mirror.


You were born with this container of unlimited potential and pure divine love. From the time you were young you were conditioned to believe that you are a helpless being trying to survive in the big, scary world. Initially, your parents had the power to feed you and keep you safe and then the transfer of power went to your teachers, lovers, bosses, money and society. Blinded by the misinformation of where the center of power was, you continued to see the world and the things you desire as separate from you.


Feeling disconnected from your center of power, you continued to search for happiness, security and love outside of yourself. There is a longing, emptiness that your ego believes needs to be filled by money, a partner, success and family. You forgot that you were the container and the world just mirrors your own mind’s perception. You end up chasing an elusive carrot that you believe contains the happiness and it always feels unattainable or unsustainable.


There is no power in making other people responsible for your pain or happiness. The world is only the mirror. Knowing you are the source should give you peace because that means you have the power to change your life to reflect the love and wealth you wish to express.


When faced with fear around money, you will see the world reflecting your own perception of lack and separation from abundance. If you remember that you are the source, you can change the projection and you will see new opportunities for money because you can feel the abundance within you.


In relationships, it is easy to believe that another person is bringing you the love you need. When most people get infatuated with someone new, they immediately go into panic wondering if that person is going to leave. What if I open my heart and the person goes away?


If you are afraid to feel too happy and in love and then disappointed, remember that you are the container and they are the mirror. The feelings you have of love are already within you. Infatuation can be a great thing if you identify that the feeling is arising within you and the other person is just mirroring back what is already inside. The other person just helps you magnify the love so you have a physical experience of it.


If you sense a lack of love, the mirror will be reflecting a world that is cold and lonely. You are seeing clearly your limited connection to the love already within your container. By turning inward and cultivating the love inside, the mirror will start to change and the world will be filled with many potential loving partners and people who adore you.


The most difficult task we have is holding the feeling of love and abundance when the external is showing us the opposite. As you practice building the inner connection to the real source of unlimited potential, you can direct what you see in the external world more consciously and purposefully.


You break generations of conditioning when you start to become aware of your true self and power. A good first step is to visualize a connection to something you symbolize as love. Hold that image in your mind and repeat a mantra such as “love is in me” and engage your feelings. Practice cultivating that feeling and inner connection everyday.


When you find love and wealth in your life there will be no fear, because you know it was already a part of you.