Make a difference by helping others become their true self.

Do you feel like people are drawn to you for advice and support because you have a natural empathy for helping others?

Do you find yourself in the wrong career or job that doesn’t fuel your soul and are ready to make a change to do something that is meaningful?

Would you like to set your own hours, work from home, determine own income level, and help others become their best selves?

At CreativeMind University we offer unparalleled training in personal development. While many coach trainings will focus on basic self-help and goal setting, our approach is based on Jungian theory in a coaching model and eastern philosophy. We developed a unique system of bringing the best of what we know in psychology that has been kept in academic circles and is rarely available to the public.

Instead of giving clients action steps and cheerleading, our graduates help people with a true transformation. Graduates create their own unique niche based on the training in areas of relationship coaching, health coaching, confidence and body image, business coaching, financial coaching, personal style coaching, women’s leadership coaching and more. Armed with the tools, you can create a business that is unique to you and stands out in the industry.

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Certified Life Coach

You will receive the tools to start working with clients in an empowering way to help them reach their goals as well as be personally mentored on your own individuation process. The emphasis is on the psychology of coaching, how to use visualization and create your own effective guided visualizations for clients and the power of the unconscious mind. Learn the basic concepts of Jungian Theory, including ego/persona, shadow work, dream yoga, working with archetypes and collective unconscious. Understand how to incorporate Jungian Theory and eastern philosophy in a unique way to empower clients to become their true selves.

Who is this for?

Those who want to become a Certified Life Coach in the CreativeMind Method or get advanced training in the CreativeMind Method to use in their business or life. Great for women who aspire to be leaders in their field and excel in their own personal growth.

What will you get?

Learn core competencies in CreativeMind Method to coach others in the CreativeMind Method and also apply it to your life and work.

What is included?

  • (12) Pre-Recorded Video Module Trainings, with Handouts and Exercises for Each
  • (6) 60-minute Live Group Coaching Intensives with Debra or Robert  (choice of Day or Evening call)
  • (6) 60-minute Live Group Coaching Sessions with Master Coach Instruction (choice of Day or Evening call)
  • (12) 45-minute Small Group Coaching Labs with Master Coach Instruction (choice of Day or Evening call)
  • Private Coaching Sessions with a Coach Mentor
  • Weekly Peer Coaching Practicum
  • Dedicated Coach Throughout the Program
  • Coaching Toolkit with Scripts, Worksheets, Exercises and Tools
  • Bonus Business Building Modules
  • Student Forum with 24-7 Access to the Group 
  • 1-Year Membership to International Jungian Coaching Association
  • Awarded title of “Certified Jungian Life Coach” with the International Jungian Coaching Association
  • ICF Accredited Coach Training Program offering 95 Continuing Coach Education (CCE) hours.

Program Length: Six (6) Months

Next Class Start Date: February 15, 2022

Participation: 100% Virtual Online Training — Can be taken from anywhere in the world.

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Jungian Life Coach Training is accredited by the International Coach Federation  (ICF). ICF is considered the gold standard in coaching and accreditation is issued only for those programs teaching to the highest standard. 


Carl G. Jung was a visionary psychiatrist and philosopher whose ideas about the mind are only now beginning to be understood. He taught that our Persona is really a mask we wear in order to interact with the world. Jung postulated that within our personal unconscious there dwells the Shadow, an archetype comprised of all the things our conscious mind deems unacceptable, our fears as well as our hidden talents and aspirations. Facing our Shadow and reconnecting with the Collective Unconscious, a deeper layer of the mind common to all humanity and distinct from our personal unconscious, brings us in contact with the Anima, the archetypal feminine in a man, and Animus, the archetypal masculine in a women. Jung called this Individuation, the innate and transformative process that leads to the realization of our higher Self.

The CreativeMind University program will train you in archetypal psychology, creative shadow and dream work, and the use of visualization.

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