Why you aren’t getting the results you want.

By Debra (Berndt) Maldonado

When I first started getting into self-development, I devoured every book from cover to cover and attended many, many workshops. No matter how much knowledge I was exposed to, I always found myself in the same place. I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I learned a lot, yet learned nothing.

Change arises from cultivating a higher philosophy (world view) apart from the default that your conditioning has ingrained in you. What shifted my results was not merely learning something different, but learning how to learn. In school we are taught to acquire lower knowledge (physics, math, history, etc), but you cannot apply that same approach when attempting to grasp higher knowledge.

What is your philosophy or world view?

Everything you experience in life is based on how you answer the questions, “who am I, how do I create my life and why am I here?”  From the ego’s perspective, everything is external and separate and you have no power to create. If you try to create your life with ego philosophy, you will be frustrated and go in circles.
What is higher knowledge?

Higher knowledge teaches us that the external world is a reflection of your inner world and you are the creator and there is no limit to what you can create in your life. Many people know this in theory, but haven’t fully integrated this philosophy into their life because they still blame external forces or other people for things they don’t want that show up.

Three Steps to Higher Knowledge

There are actually three steps to integration of higher knowledge that will make a real transformation and give you freedom in your life to create something new outside of your past conditioning.

First, you must understand the philosophy from an intellectual level. The philosophy must make sense to you. More than just reading in a book or listening to a class to learn the general concepts, you must also question everything. In challenging the ideas, you start to learn them on a deeper level.

The knowledge itself will not transform, you have to move from conceptual understanding to a deeper knowing that this philosophy is truth for you. You must be exposed to the same material over and over again to truly understand it. If you do, you will notice that each pass of the same material you are still learning something new, having a new understanding or even feeling like, “I must have missed that the first go around.”

We often tell our clients to listen to the classes many times to really understand them. Pull concepts out that confuse you and study them more not by memory, but by contemplating them. A true guru enters the same knowledge from the beginners’ mind so he/she is open to learn and grow.

Second, you begin to learn how to apply the principles in your everyday life. You start to live from this higher knowledge and face the resistance from the ego’s past conditioning. This involves moving from the knowing in your head to an emotional shift in your body.

Lastly, once you have the emotional shift and experience the higher knowledge in action, you then begin to integrate it into your life on a deeper level. This means that you act more from the higher philosophy than your ego’s conditioning. This is the level where you are still learning and growing, the philosophy has deeper layers like peeling an onion and is always revealing more.

The ego mind is constantly trying to bring you back to its default thinking and it will continue its pursuit the rest of your life. By having a deeper understanding of higher knowledge you will be better equipped to avoid the ego’s deception and rise above any obstacle that arises in your life. You will always be reminded of the truth and reclaim your power.

As you consistently review key concepts, you become a master of higher knowledge. There is no finish line or completion in knowing it all because you never stop learning and expanding your life. You will be effortlessly connecting to the true source of power within you and you will be free.